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Why The Bed Store Powell

When most think of mattress shopping, the thought alone can be daunting. Tiring even. You remember going to store, after store searching for a mattress, sometimes even being disappointed from the results.

There is a better place, a place designed for you to be "Tucked In". That place is Bed Store Powell. The second you come through the doors into the beautiful solution inspiring Bed Store you will be greeted by a staff that is dedicated to finding a perfect mattress for YOU. A sense of relief will wash over your mind and body as we find the exact sleep system you have desired for so long.

We will not rest until we discover exactly what your body and mind need to achieve a more restful sleep, one where you will wake up to a rested happy you each and every day. At mattress store Powell, tucking you in is very important. It involves finding and delivering the best possible sleep for each and every customer that comes through our doors.

Not only that but making sure that we are here for you after the sale to continue to provide the highest level of customer service known to mankind. That is Tucking you in.