If you’ve ever purchased a new mattress, you most likely traveled to a local mattress store to shop. While this is still the preferred method for many people, the Bed Store wanted to have a robot online shopping experience for those who would like to do everything online! So, we created this guide to help you buy a mattress online. At The Bed Store, we offer an easy online shopping experience and mattress delivery in Knoxville. So let’s dig in!

Special Promotion

Don’t worry about missing out on any special promotions, because all of our promotions are available online and in our stores.  We always want to make sure you get the best price! Check out all of our current promotions here.

Our Selection

Often, stores will have a different online selection than their in-store collection. However, we offer the same brands and mattress models in order to offer you the same shopping experience online and in-store. We have a specialized quiz called Tuck-Fit that can help you make an easy choice for your next mattress purchase. This quiz takes into consideration your age, possible medical needs, and sleeping preferences, presenting you with a personalized list of ultimate mattress options. Take this quiz now to find your perfect mattress.

We have a wide selection of memory foam, coil spring, and hybrid mattresses from different brands. Here are some of the most popular brands you can consider while shopping for your perfect one:

Beautyrest Hybrid - The quality, consistency, and design relevancy keep Beautyrest as one of the top mattress brands in the country. Each mattress includes distinctive memory foam, cooling technology, and pocketed coil springs. Being budget-friendly, Beautyrest is an easy choice for a mattress.

Sealy - As one of the most trusted and leading mattress brands on the market, Sealy mattresses come in all forms, sizes, and prices. Sealy has a lot to offer with the wide selection of mattresses varying in firmness.

Tempur-Pedic - Their memory foam formula still stands as one of the most advanced sleep technology for pain and pressure relief in your shoulders, hips, and back. Constructed with the highest quality materials, Tempur-Pedic has longer than average lifespans for all-foam mattresses. These refined mattresses are also equipped with motion and noise isolation. The Tempur-Pedic mattress responds to your body shape, weight, and temperature preparing you for the best night's sleep.

Stearns & Foster - These premium mattresses combine both powerful design and detailed craftsmanship. With multiple thickness options, this mattress is hand layered for the best night's sleep. Built with Tempur-Pedic memory foam for the body pressure relief, Stearns & Foster also features coil design to provide excellent body support and carry out subtle movements.


While you can make your mattress purchase from the comfort of your home, we make sure that you also don’t have to worry about delivery or any extra fees. We want you to have hands down the best shopping experience, so we offer you a free local mattress delivery in Knoxville! Our staff will make sure to deliver the mattress straight into your home. \

If you need help, we have live chat available 24/7 on the website to walk you through any questions you have about brands, offers, financing, or mattress delivery in Knoxville. Ready to find your perfect bed? Head to tuckfit.com to get started!