Well Tucked World's Best 13" Latex

 The Well Tucked World's Best Latex Mattress consists of a 13" inch profile of 100% natural Pure Talalay Latex. Pure Talalay Latex is the most breathable material you can sleep on. The breathable design pulls the heat away form your body and lets it flow through the mattress. The Well Tucked World's Best Latex Mattress is also one of the softest mattress options while not letting you sink in the mattress. To say you are sleeping on the mattress does not do it justice, more so sleeping on a cloud! If you are looking for cooler sleep, more support, 100% natural material, and a ultra plush feel then this mattress is for you!


- 15-Year Warranty
- 60-Night Sleep Trial
- 100% Natural
- Breathable Design
- Made in U.S.A.

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