Frequently Asked Questions


What is the address or phone number for my local store?

See our locations here.

What are your store hours?

- Typical hours are Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm. Some stores vary such as our Chapman Hwy location it’s hours are 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and Le Sleep store is 10am to 8pm Monday through Saturdays. All stores are closed on Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day.

How do I know what type of mattress is best for me?

- Take the tuckfit quiz to see which one is best. It’s 97% accurate. Just go to It takes about two minutes and will recommend three mattresses. It’s a great tool for selecting your mattress.
What is the best type of mattress for a child?

- One that is supportive and comfortable. Their growing bodies need support just like adult bodies do. Make sure that they are in proper alignment when laying on the bed and consider their comfort preference as well as their sleeping posture.
What is the difference between a regular profile and low-profile foundation?

- A regular profile foundation (or boxspring) is about 9.5” tall on average. They can vary depending on manufacturer. A lo profile is typically half the height of the regular profile. So roughly 4.75”-5” in height.
What is the difference between firm, plush, and pillow top?

- This refers to the comfort layers of a mattress that are above the support system (coil, foam, air etc...) As the names would denote firm is going to be a less forgiving surface. Plush is a medium feel and pillow top is typically the softest option. *note: Some pillow tops are classified as firm so it can be really confusing for you the customer. If you have more questions on this please email or chat with us. We’ll help you.

Which is better, an innerspring mattress or a memory foam mattress?

- The best mattress is one that provides consistent support and comfort for the sleeper. There is no such thing as a one size fits all mattress. This goes for mattress construction too. Innerspring mattresses provide excellent support as does memory foam mattresses. It all depends on your preference. Innerspring mattresses are “bouncier” and memory foam mattress is more “conforming.

What is a Split King?

- A Split King is a king size mattress (roughly 76”x80”) split into two separate mattress sets. It’s the width of a twin (39”) and the length of a queen (80”)

What is a California King?

- A California King is a slightly different sized mattress from a traditional or “eastern king” it measures 72” wide by 84” long.

Do I have to flip my mattress?

- The majority of mattresses today don’t need to be flipped. They can be rotated head to foot to ensure even wear and tear. That being said we do carry some two sided mattress options should you be interested in that construction type.


How do I use the warranty on my mattress?

- Simply click on this link and fill out the form. We’ll help you from there!

What is your return policy?

- The Bed Store has a comfort exchange policy should you not like the comfort of your new mattress. You can read the full policy here.

Who can I contact about an issue with my adjustable bed?

- You can contact the manufacturer directly or you can call us. We’re here to help you should you experience any issues with your sleep system.

Where can I get warranty information on merchandise?

- Every new mattress comes with warranty information attached. You can also get that information from your sales person or email us and we’ll send it to you.

How does the 30 Day Price policy work?

- If you find a cheaper price on the merchandise you purchased within the 30 days after purchase then let us know. We’ll send you the difference. There are some restrictions. Read the full policy here.

Do you offer layaway?

- Yes, we have a 90 day layaway plan here at The Bed Store. Call or chat with us for more details.

Are there any exclusions on my warranty?

- Most all mattress warranties are voided with the presence of stains on the mattress. We highly recommend using a high quality waterproof mattress protector to protect your new investment. You will also need adequate center support for your mattress to ensure that the mattress doesn’t wear unevenly. Lack of this support or intentional damage will void a warranty. There are other things that can jeopardize your warranty that will be manufacturer specific. We recommend getting familiar with your mattresses individual warranty.

Are there any fees associated with a warranty claim?

- There may be fees associated with your warranty claim. Shipping and delivery fees may apply.

What happens after I submit my claim?

- Someone will contact you within 48 hours of your submission to go over your issue by phone and then schedule an inspection if necessary.

I recently filed a warranty claim and have not heard anything yet. What are the next steps?

Please email us here. Something must have went tragically wrong if you’ve not received a response within 48 hours of submission.

What sizes of mattresses do you carry?

- We carry the typical mattress sizes in most brands. These are subject to the specific brands and may be special order but in general we carry... Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King

Do you make custom sizes?

- We do not make custom size mattresses. If you need something special (like a California King or Camper Mattress) we may be able to order it. Please check with us at a store or give us a call.


How do I apply for financing online?

- Apply right here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

- We accept All major credit cards except Discover. We take Cash and Checks as well.

What does The Bed Store charge for shipping or delivery?

- The Bed Store offers free local delivery on purchases over $499 if you live in our local area. Local delivery area is determined by being within 15 miles of a bed store location. If you live outside our local area we can deliver for a fee.

Will the delivery team help set up my mattress and/or furniture?

- Yes, all our Red Carpet delivery service comes with free setup of your new mattress set and removal of one like size mattress for free. (should the customer need or request it) that we then in-turn donate to charity.

Can I pick up my merchandise?

- Yes, you can pickup your merchandise from our main warehouse located on Chapman Hwy in Knoxville. There is no charge for pickup.

What happens if an item is damaged at time of delivery?

- The item will be re-delivered to you at the earliest opportunity.

How do I check my order/delivery status?

- Your delivery time will be scheduled the day before your agreed upon delivery day. You will get a phone call with a two hour window for the following day. While we try to accommodate our customers as best we can, we can not guarantee special delivery times.

- You can simply input your invoice or phone number on the linked page and get a real time delivery update.
Can you tell me when my driver will be here during my delivery window?

- You can track your delivery drivers process in real time via our tracking service located here. They also typically call 15-20 minutes prior to your delivery.What do I need to do if my residence was damaged at time of delivery?

- The delivery team will instruct you on what the next step is should this unlikely event take place. You may also refer to our delivery disclaimer in the Bed Store’s policies here.

Do you ship internationally?

- Unfortunately we do not ship internationally at this time.

I am interested in working for your company, where can I apply?

- We’re always looking for great people! Click here to go to our Jobs page and apply online.