Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base by Ergomotion

Not too big, not too small. Not too costly, but rich in features. Ergomotion’s Quest 2.5 adjustable base gives you everything you want, but is still compact, versatile, and affordable. The Quest 2.5 adds programmable presets, underbed lighting, dual USB ports, and even our voice activated Hello Ergo system. It can turn your bedroom into a work-from-home office and a get-away-from-work retreat. Start your day with meditation, and end it with a relaxing, zero-gravity experience. The Quest 2.5 lets you do it all.

Key Features:

- 19-Button Wireless Remote

- Head and Foot Articulation

- One-Touch Flat and Zero-G Presets

- 3 Programmable Presets

- Massage

- Under-Bed Lighting

- Remote Flashlight

-Wand Offline Voice Control

- Dual USB

- 2" Shroud

- Up to 12" Legs

- 0"-12" Clearance Underneath

- Silent Drive Motors


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